Ripped from the Headlines

skyscraper_edited-1The daily prompt: take the third headline from a website you visit regularly for the news and write.

Well, I went to BBC’s UK & World News, and this was the third headline:


Topless Skyscraper Photos Spark Suit
“Look up there!”
“What is it?”
“It’s a shiny rocket!”
“It’s a giant penis!”
“No, it’s a topless skyscraper!”
Where’s my phone? I’ve got to take a picture of this! Then sell it to CNN! I’m going to be rich, rich, RICH, I tell you–aah-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!!!!
“Oh my God! Quick,  somebody get that building a suit!”

2 responses to “Ripped from the Headlines

  1. Should have gone to Spec Savers…!?


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