Bridge Bottoms Galore at the Riverwalk!

T and I took a little overnight trip to San Antonio. It’s the perfect time of year to visit. Relatively cool (although I managed to find it muggy even at 60 degrees) and after Thanksgiving the holiday lighting is up. Long strands of colored lights in the towering cypress trees and along all the restaurant balconies certainly put me in the spirit.

And whaddaya know? Lots of bridges. I knew that already. We’re not exactly strangers to San Antonio. But they have extended the riverwalk in the past couple of years, and they have also expanded the long strings of restaurants, which now continue under several of the bridges.

So, here are some bottoms of bridges, with season’s greetings from San Antonio, Texas!





One response to “Bridge Bottoms Galore at the Riverwalk!

  1. That looks really nice!


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