What Would Jesus Do?

the_ass_at_schoolThis Ruthless World is one of my favorite blogs. And her newest post is hilarious. A Tea Party guy reinvents Jesus to fit his personal ideas of what a man should be. And the blogger responds so thoroughly that there is nothing left to add.

Except to ask:

What would Jesus do according to this guy? Well, on Sabbath evening he would probably be whooping hippies’ asses and raising hell!

3 responses to “What Would Jesus Do?

  1. Interesting post. What was even more interesting was the back and forth discussion in the comments section… the most extensive I have ever read. Took a while to get through it all but it is always intriguing to hear differing opinions on any subject.


  2. You are dutch?!!! Where from?
    The Netherlands? I’m mormon and my dad went on his mission there:)


    • Hi, I was born in Utrecht, lived in Amsterdam until I was almost five, and when we came back from Australia when I was ten, we lived in Bilthoven for a while and then in Eemnes, near Laren and Hilversum. I also lived in Bussum (near Hilversum), went to college in Deventer, and then lived in Amersfoort until I emigrated to America.


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