It’s Getting Colder



It’s that time of year again here in Austin. More rain and cooler nights are wonderful unless you’re homeless. And further north winter is already in full swing.

Oh, and it’s Veterans’ Day. Many homeless are war veterans, guys who gave their souls for this country. They got chewed up in wars and were spit out by society and now they’re reduced to holding up cardboard signs at traffic lights.

So keep the homeless in mind when you’re clearing out your garage or your closets or when you’re thrift shopping. Pick up an extra packet of socks or underwear next time you’re at Target.

Think sleeping bags, insulating sleeping mats, tarps, duck tape, sweaters, flannel shirts, warm socks, (long) underwear, scarves, gloves, mittens, wool caps and coats.

Have some items within reach in your car and hand them out at traffic lights. Make someone’s day!

4 responses to “It’s Getting Colder

  1. That’s awesome, Barbara. Also, you can throw in sandwich bags of dry cereal, and bottled water, if ya feel like it–both are pretty inexpensive.

    Thanks for spreading some warmth on a cold day. Also, I sent you an email. Look for my blog’s name in the subject. Take care!


    • Hi Michael,
      Yes, I usually have granola bars and bags of nuts and trailmix in the compartment in my door. But this was a post specifically about what to give for cold weather.
      Thanks for the email. I’m having fun doing it up as a mock interview. I’ll publish it shortly. I’m confused, though. In your email you write that there is one guy, called Ben, and that you are fictional. ?


  2. Thanks for the timely reminder – it’s always so easy to be getting on with your own life that you forget about those who are struggling. Next time I am shopping I am going to do what you suggest and pick up a few extra things. It’s such a simple thing to do and it could make a big difference.


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