Water in the Creek!

077_edited-1Austin has had a severe drought for several years. So when it rains, we’re all elated. The creek behind our house is spring-fed and there’s always at least a trickle, but the past couple of years it’s usually not more than that.

We’ve had a few good hard rain storms these past weeks, and now the creeks in the neighborhood are full. It’s wonderful to see and hear the water again!

This is the little waterfall directly behind our house. It’s about 100 feet away, but now we can hear it again when we have the windows open.





The ground is saturated. We even have these huge mushrooms growing here and there.


The downside of all the rain is that the crushed granite trails are pretty much destroyed in many places.


I’ve torn my ankle ligament four times over the years, so any unevenness in terrain makes me insecure. But these trails were so smooth that even I felt confident enough to walk them in the dark. No more. Not until they’ve all been redone. But it’s a small price to pay for this natural beauty!



4 responses to “Water in the Creek!

  1. It’s a shame we couldn’t send you some of our rain. We’ve had quite a lot these past few days. I’m glad you’re finally getting some significant water back.


  2. I worry about drought every summer, because we often have little or no rain from June through September. I get annoyed when I hear people on the radio complaining about a bit of rain, but of course not everyone is a gardener. Wishing you moderate rain and an end to the drought!


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