Mix Tape: The Loves of My Life


I don’t really feel like explaining these songs. The daily prompt was to make a mix tape of my life. That would be very long, so I made it a little more specific.

5 responses to “Mix Tape: The Loves of My Life

  1. My list would be endless too, but yes I like and remember most of them too 🙂


  2. Well, Aerosmith is on my list too. If I had one, that is. And I would never have believed that Dikkertje Dap could last over three minutes!


    • Barbara Backer-Gray

      Yep. And the Aerosmith song was a hit around the time that B was born. I definitely lost some sleep opportunities just looking at my babies.


  3. Ha, now you have me singing Dikkertje Dap again! LOL
    The fun part is that most songs would be on my list too 🙂


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