If I Had Talents, How Talented I Would Be!

image from 123thearts.com

image from 123thearts.com

Daily prompt: Talents I’d like to have, but don’t. Well, jeez. Where to begin.The thing about talents is that they are per definition great to have. So I’d want them all–why not? Okay, okay, I suppose the idea is to force me to choose the most important one. Well, I’m not going to. I’ll give you my top ten. Number one being the most important, but the others are close followers.

1. I’d like to be able to eat a little bit of something and just think, “Hmm, that was good”. Period. Instead of thinking, “Hmm, that was good, I’ve got to have me some more of that”. Maybe some of you wouldn’t call self-restraint a talent, but it sure isn’t inborn. Not to me, anyway. And practicing doesn’t help: Oops, I had some more ice cream that time. Let’s try again…

2. I’d like to have the self-discipline to work out every day, no exceptions, so it becomes as regular and automatic as brushing teeth. Again, I’m just going right ahead and calling it a talent because I want to. Let me tell you, with all the driving around I  do with the kids, and all their different after-school activities and doctor’s appointments and orthodontist appointments, etc, it’s impossible to have one set time each day  work out. And when you don’t have a set time, it never becomes routine and it’s hard to keep it up. So I admire people–or I’m jealous of people–who can just say, “No, I can’t do [such and such]at that time, because that’s when I work out”.

3. I’d like to be able to write the Great American Novel. Or I would at least like to have the talent to write great stories a la Steven King or John Irving. When I read a Steven King story, I can imagine how he got the idea for it, so it’s very frustrating that I can’t do the same.  You take one Polaroid camera, stir in the opposite of what you’d expect to happen: the picture it takes is not what you aim the camera at. Add one creepy, greedy old guy and there you have it: “Sun Dog”. He makes it look so easy!

4. I’d like to be a talented mixed-media artist. Yes I would. But I’m not. Although in this case practice would help. Don’t worry–I haven’t forgotten my promise to myself to make a fan someday soon. Just as soon as I can tear myself away from my computer.

5. I’d like to be able to play the oboe. Or guitar or harmonica or the saxophone…

6. I’d like to be more social. It would be great to be one of those charismatic people who feel at home in any social situation, always knowing what to say, never putting their foot in their mouth… Hm, and yet it’s only number six on this list. But I suppose it would be hard to put my foot in my mouth if it was already filled with an oboe reed or a harmonica.

7. Okay, this one’s for Mike: I’d like to have the talent to convince everyone of the fact that I’m always right. Then America would have a better political system, great health care, no homeless people, better education, a comprehensive public transport system and sidewalks and bike paths everywhere. Once all that was taken care of, I could move on to world peace.

8. I’d like to be a wonderful photographer. I think I actually could be, if only I had the patience to learn about the technical aspects of photography. But I don’t. Yep, sure, I consider the patience to figure out technical things to be a talent, as well. Getting frustrated yet?

9. Oh, I almost forgot: I’d like to be a good actress. If only I hadn’t been so afraid of attention when I was a teenager, then that could’ve been something to strive for. It’s a bit late now.

10. I suppose I’d also like to be talented in science. I’m not, and therefore it doesn’t interest me as a field of study, but if it did, I could do things like engineer meat without killing animals or develop solar-powered cars or get trees to grow in the shape of houses. Yeah, organically grown homes, that would be pretty cool.

There, that pretty much covers personal well-being, the arts, science and society. And that in turn makes me wonder: if I would like to have talents in those areas, and I don’t, well, where does that leave me? Oh, right–here on the couch, blogging.

It figures.

9 responses to “If I Had Talents, How Talented I Would Be!

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  3. I can relate to so many of the things on your list!

    Of special note:

    #2. YouTube search for Leslie Sansone. 20-minute walk workout in your living room. Just watching her Start Walking video is motivating. If I can do it, you can do it. Just don’t ask me to do more.

    #3. Being able to think like John Irving scares the daylights out of me, but I love his off-the-wall writing.

    I really enjoyed your blogpost today. Thank you for sharing.


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  5. Looks like you are indeed very talented……….in blogging! I really enjoyed this. Thank you!


  6. Now you got me thinking about everything I’m not … LOL.
    Sigh ….


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