Daily Prompt: Bookworms

squirrel on windowsill 3So the Daily Prompt told me to grab the nearest book and find the tenth word, then Google Image that word and write about whatever comes to mind. So I thought, whatever. But then I did it.

So first of all, the book nearest to me is one I’ve not read yet. But I’m most definitely going to, because it’s a raft book, girlfriend, and I’m like so into that! Raft books are so totally awesome!

So I found the tenth word and first I thought,  this prompt is so lame, dude.  And my word is SO random! What on earth can I write about this word? But then I saw that I was supposed to Google Image it, not just Google it. So why didn’t they say so? Oh, wait–they did. I’m so spaced out. LOL!

What IS my word, you ask? So here’s the thing: I’m going to let you guess. The first one to guess will be my featured blog for a week. If you have a blog, that is. A blog that doesn’t, like, just sell stuff, you know, because that’s so not cool. So if you have a real blog, with actual content, and you’re like, the first one to guess THE WORD, I’m featuring you. That’s so cool, right? I thought so, too! Ooooooh, twinsies!!!

8 responses to “Daily Prompt: Bookworms

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  3. No other guesses yet? The 10th word in the only raft themed book that I could think of is either “and”, “odd”, or “current”, depending on whether or not you include the forward or chapter leading quote material when you start the count.


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