Ten Things That Bore Me

image from amazon.com

image from amazon.com

(Daily prompt today: Yawn.)

1. Comparing cleaning ladies.

When we lived in the Rio Grande Valley, R went to ballet for about a year. She was four at the time. I would drive her to the ballet school, take her to her class, and then sit in the waiting room along with all the other moms and the odd dad. At first I would sit there with my open face on, indicating my willingness to be included in any conversation and to get to know other moms. (The dads would be on their cell phones or reading a book.) But all these women seemed to have known one another since junior high, and they completely ignored me. When I had listened to them for an entire hour taking turns complaining about their cleaning ladies, I decided that I wasn’t interested in their conversations anyway, so from then on I would bring a book, too.

2. Country music.

There are exceptions, but in general I find country music way too soppy, simplistic and the lyrics are often so predictable that I can sing along the second part of the rhyme even when I’ve never heard the song before.

3. Brazilian music.

What can I say? Elevator music. That’s all she wrote.

4. Most doctors’ waiting rooms.

They all seem to be decorated in the early nineties, with those pastel-colored posters of Native American scenes, which is strange since Native Americans use such vibrant colors themselves. Or posters of a wall with bougainvillea hanging over it on the side of a road in Mexico. And worst of all are the things–I don’t even know what they are or what to call them–things for on the wall that are made of iron and that are just a bunch of curls. No, actually, worst than that are paintings of just curls. Weird. But mostly boring.

5. Commercials for hair products.

Think about it. Have you ever seen a shampoo commercial that made you laugh?

6. American soap operas.

I see bits of them sometimes in waiting rooms. The acting is abominable; the actors are supposed to look beautiful and handsome, but to me most of them look just plain weird; and the scenes always look like they’re filmed in a hotel room. So there’s absolutely nothing interesting to see.

7. Long distance highway driving.

I’ve always wanted to learn to drive a semi. I’d like to be able to back perfectly into a space between two other rigs with only a foot to spare on each side. That would feel like quite an accomplishment. But I could never be a long distance truck driver, because I can’t stay awake for more than two hours at a time, even if I have the biggest size Monster drink.

8. Instruction manuals.

Which is why I still only point and click with my pretty expensive digital camera, even though it can do so much more.

9. Baseball.

Though there’s a cute retro family atmosphere at the ballpark, the game itself bores me so much it makes me mad. Bill Maher once said, “If baseball was any slower, they’d call it farming”. My thoughts exactly.

10. This post.

So enough already.

10 responses to “Ten Things That Bore Me

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  2. That’s a pretty comprehensive list. Put me right to sleep! 😛


  3. number 10 is the funniest )


  4. Brieuse Bernhard Piers-Gûdmönd

    Love Bette Midler’s site! But yours is better!


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