Open Letter to Mark Kessler, Police Chief of Gilberton, PA

Dear Mr. Police Chief Mark Kessler of Gilberton, Pennsylvania,

Finally! A cop–a police chief even–who believes in the freedom of speech! So I suppose that if you pulled me over in Pennsylvania, I could call you a retard cocksucker and tell you to go fuck yourself and take it in the ass and you’d be just fine with that. Because you are clearly a real man’s man, the kind of tough macho man who anyone can assume can take it just as well as he can dish it out. How refreshing!

Oh, but wait, I see you say these things just before letting it rip with a really big gun. Are you scared to say what you want without a big gun in your hand? Are you a pussy, Mr. Police Chief Mark Kessler? No, that’s just not possible. You’re filming somewhere out in the wild, so at least you’re a tough outdoorsy man, right? And strong, too, to hike in with a video camera, not to mention a big gun like that. Those things aren’t light.

No wait, here you come with another, even bigger gun. And then another, and then another relatively tiny one. My guess is you didn’t hike for tens of miles into this outdoorsy spot in your real-man hiking boots, with all those guns in your backpack. I bet you drove in, in a huge truck with compensatingly big tires that nevertheless still only needs a pinky finger to turn on the blinker, just like my libtard car.

Oh, and Mr. Police Chief Mark Kessler, if you insist on showing us the inside of your fascinating mind on a regular basis, here’s a tip: Don’t show the smallest gun last. There’s something called “building it up”. Going mental with two big guns first and then showing your insane self with a much smaller gun is kind of, well, pathetic.

Though, if your intent was to make a deep, thoughtful video with lots of layers, then I take it back. Pathetic perfectly reflects what you are apparently about. You’re angry; I get that. But you’re also a very small, very scared little man, because otherwise you’d be able to tell people you’re angry without showing them how big your guns are.

I’m assuming the libtards you refer to are people working to get some gun sense in this country. Have you ever noticed how they say what they want to say without big guns in their hands, without leaning back, feeling the need to suggest that their penises are two feet long?

So why don’t you grow up, grow a pair of balls and man the fuck up, Mr. Police Chief Mark Kessler of Gilberton, Pennsylvania?

A real cop has the standard issue gun which he/she never has to take out of its holster because he/she can handle the situation just fine without one. A real man has a vocabulary that goes beyond “fuck” and “cocksucker”. A real defender of liberty doesn’t intimidate people in videos showing his fire power like Hitler and Stalin and that other smallish guy in North Korea. A real believer in freedom of speech doesn’t fall so completely apart mentally as you demonstrate yourself doing when receiving criticism.

Here’s what I suggest, Mr. Police Chief: hand in your toys, go to school and get a vocabulary, then go to the local community college and train for a job you can actually handle. Then get said job and hopefully you’ll be too busy from then on doing actual work to embarrass yourself like this all the time. Believe me, you’ll be  a lot happier.

Barbara Backer-Gray, Libtard in Austin, Texas

27 responses to “Open Letter to Mark Kessler, Police Chief of Gilberton, PA

  1. Damn! Great post.


  2. Why Barbara, you swore, I’m shocked that a libtard cunt like you would resort to cussing. The Chief, God bless him, is simply trying to unpussify my America. You go ahead and lay back, spread those thighs and enjoy that brutal rape in your future because I’m sure there will be no law enforcement near when you are attacked. I also know that, unlike George Zimmerman, you won’t be armed, therefore unable to take out that worthless piece of shit like, my hero, George did. Guns aren’t toys, stupid. Guns require frequent practice. Real cop? How about real citizen also. Are you trying to say what firearms people should own? BTW, real cop for 16 years, what have you done for public safety? He has done his job quite well, you ignorant, worthless, liberal lemming cunt.


    • Wow, thanks for the comment, Steve. I mean it.

      Followers, I hope you also read the comments. Especially my international followers, because I always suspect that people think I’m exaggerating about America. Or maybe I only think that because I myself, even after almost twenty years, am still in disbelief half the time.

      First, though, let me set something straight. Steve, though I’ve never denied that I swear on occasion, in this instance it’s technically not really me who’s swearing; I’m merely paraphrasing your hero.

      But let’s look at this, shall we, followers? This one brief comment illustrates so much that’s hard to believe for outsiders.

      Take this god of a certain segment of American society, for instance. I’m an atheist myself, so correct me if I’m wrong, but clearly Steve is not referring to the generally recognized Christian God. This is the god who approves of “unpussifying” America, whatever that’s supposed to mean. (I suppose that, technically, it would mean getting rid of all women, which, considering Steve’s obvious fear and hatred of the female sex doesn’t surprise me.) It’s also the god who approves of dangerously disturbed men like Police Chief Mark Kessler and of murderers like George Zimmerman. This is a strictly American brand of god that Christians in other countries would have a hard time recognizing, I think.

      And then the racism. Apparently Steve believes that black teenage boys are pieces of worthless shit by reason of they’re being black teenage boys, and thus should be “taken out”. No comment needed here; it speaks for itself. But shucks, I really do want to comment on this, anyway. Steve’s remarks show that racism is not only alive and well in America, but it is proclaimed loud and proud. So anyone who thinks racism has become less because there are less members of the KKK than several decades ago, think again. Racism is so strong that people don’t even feel the need to hide behind white pointy masks anymore. They proclaim their hatred openly on the Internet for the world to see, and sign their name.

      As for guns–no, they’re not toys. But some people treat them like they are, like Mark Kessler does in his video, and like you apparently do, Steve, when you refer to murdering teenagers as “taking them out”. That is the equivalent of little boys pointing their finger at their friend and going “bang bang” after seeing a cowboys and indians movie in the sixties. But you’re grown up now, and that’s what makes it bizarre. And dangerous. Because guys like you–still as infantile and reckless as little boys–still have guns, but now they’re real instead of make-believe.

      Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong about society having a discussion about where to draw the line as far as what firearms people can own, if any, and I realize that that makes my views diametrically opposed to yours, Steve, and to police chief Mark Kessler’s. It’s as hard for me to wrap my mind about that as it is for you. The difference is that people who oppose unlimited gun ownership generally don’t go ballistic when they’re confronted with people who disagree. Even when their loved ones are killed by a psychopathic gun owner. The fact that it takes so little to make people like Mark Kessler and you, Steve, go completely nuts is exactly why so many people are opposed to anyone–police or civilian–owning unlimited numbers and types of guns.


    • Marie-Jacqueline

      I clicked on your name and it took me to Facebook!
      There I sa that a favourite of yours is:
      AMAC-The Association of Mature American Citizens

      Mirriam Webster dictionary:
      Several definitions of MATURE
      Based on slow careful consideration
      Having completed natural growth and development
      Relating to a condition of full development
      Characteristic of or suitable to a mature individual
      Relating to, or being an older adult : elderly

      The only meaning that represents you is:
      Relating to, or being an older adult : elderly


    • Fred Tworkowski

      steve harmon, if your mouthhole is so big, why don’t you publish your address. Mine is 51 harris ave. Asheville, nc . Come visit me and I will make you eat your words along with your balls. YOU ARE A CUNTSERVATIVE


      • Okay, that’s enough now. Much as I admire this ongoing competition to see who can most creatively use “cunt” and “cock” in a sentence, this is not the place for it. If you have anything real to add to the conversation, you are welcome. If not, there are plenty of other sites where you can go slug it out at a lower level. That’s also why I have not approved two similar comments, Fred. Also, Steve Harmon has a Facebook page, so you could write him a message there. I approved his comment merely to show what kind of people follow Mark Kessler.


  3. Libtard? I love it. I am proud to be one. I am going to get a bumper sticker for my car: Libtard on Board! This would be really funny if it wasn’t so horrifying. Thanks for the post.


  4. International follower here… nothing new really, just confirms it again. I can see it actually ‘studied’ High School in Michigan. Let’s build a big wall around Michigan, throw in all the guns and let them play, problem solved. I’m just glad fools like this are usually too chicken to leave their native soil, so I don’t run the risk of running into one during one of my libtard 3-week vacations.


    • Walls aren’t the solution; they’re everywhere. And so are schools that fail to teach independent thought and intelligent argumentation. But hey, enjoy your libtard vacations. I remember having those. Mine were usually four weeks–even libtardier 😉


  5. Our society is so screwed because of morons like Kessler and his acolyte Harmon. Thanks for calling them both out.


  6. Marie-Jacqueline

    My, my!
    What can I say!
    I encounter this insulting abusive way of conversation on an Internet political forum that first was intended for Americans but is now international!
    Americans however are still the majority!

    Many, I’m glad not all, even don’t understand what I mean when addressing this aggression!
    How can anything constructive be created if even a civil discussion isn’t a possibility anymore!

    Besides the most ignorant, abusive message of this did you notice the avatar? A person with a gun!
    He talks about “MY America” , people like him often do; as if they own the country; as what they say is the norm!
    Anything else is un-American!

    The best comment in this to-the-point answer you gave him is in my opinion:
    “Because guys like you–still as infantile and reckless as little boys–still have guns, but now they’re real instead of make-believe.”


  7. Right on the money, Barbara! This punk drove about 1/4 mile down a dirt road in Gilberton. Sounds like we are near a military base sometimes. All sanctioned by Gilberton Mayor Mary Lou Hannon (he is “my officer”).

    August 2011, in a bar in Girardville PA. Patron Kessler is shot in the hand. Leaves before on-duty police arrive. Later investigation reveals it was his own handgun. Which was lost…


  8. Very well said! Bravo!


  9. There has to be some kind of mass psychosis in Gilberton. The Mayor had the Chief arrest a Councilman for dissing the Mayor and using a profane word while doing it. The Chief added a strip search to the mix. Councilman sued for false arrest and indignities and won $15,000.00 dollars. Gilberton is a town of 800 souls. What do you think that did to the town budget? Now the town has been inundated by gun nuts, more gun nuts than residents. You cannot make things like this up.


  10. It was interesting during 9-11 to watch you liberals run and hide behind all us nut cases only to come back out when the coast was clear. The world is a dangerous place. Neutering and disarming America will not make your narrow vision of the world a safer place.


    • I have no desire to neuter or disarm America. I just want to limit guns to the army and very well-trained police. Other than that, I’m fine with hunting rifles and if people want to keep pistols in their homes because it makes them feel safer, that’s their business. I just don’t want every idiot to be able to get their hands on mass murder machines. As for 911, how exactly did you prevent that? It happened, no matter how many weapons anyone had stockpiled. As for liberals running and hiding, do you have information on that? All those people we saw running away from the Twin Towers that day on TV, were they all liberals? If so, you have information nobody else has. If you’re referring to liberals being against going to war in Irak, well, they were proved right, weren’t they. There were no weapons of mass destruction, there was no Al Qaeda in Irak. But now there is. Because America created the chaos that those thugs thrive in. As for my vision of the world being a safer place, I’m not sure I understand you. Visions are visions; they’re not safe or unsafe. I just know that in the real world, real people with real guns can and will do real damage.


  11. You don’t want to disarm America but only army and police should have guns. We have a constitution in this country that allows law abiding citizens to own guns. Did you miss that question on the citizenship test? And yes you bleeding hearts ran to Bush to save you. You may not remember. You were living in this country at the time I believe.


    • I do remember. That wasn’t me. You’re referring to several democratic politicians. Do you remember all the demonstrations asking Bush not to go to war? But enough of this. This post is about Mark Kessler. No, I didn’t see the right to own guns on the citizenship test, because I haven’t taken it (yet). I knew about the second amendment without that, thank you. But first of all, Queen Elizabeth II isn’t a threat to America; second, the democratic system has been in place for more than two centuries now, so I think it’s safe to say it works reasonably well, and the government is not suddenly going to become a dictatorship that has to be rebelled against; third, when the constitution was written, “arms” meant guns that had to be reloaded after every shot. The founding fathers didn’t foresee the mass killing machines that are available right now. And I assume even you agree that “arms” for civilians has reasonable limitations, or would you also want the right to bear tanks, anti-aircraft guns, drones, nuclear missiles? And last but not least, Mark Kessler is not a law-abiding citizen. He’s not even a law-abiding policeman. He is the kind of guy who would indeed be a dictator if he could, but he would never get that much support. So he’s a despot on a tiny scale–exactly the type of person everyone else needs to protection from. He is all for the right to free speech when it’s his speech that is in question, but he wants to shut the gun sense movement up with his videos that are supposed to be intimidating, and which probably are to any “libtards” living in his town, who are dependent on him for protection. He sheepishly followed the mayor’s orders when she wanted a councilman arrested for swearing at her over the phone and completely abused his power when he did a strip search on the guy. His guns are not the standard police issue pistol but machines that can mow down dozens of people. What possible scenario could there be in Podunk, PA where he has to protect the residents against hordes of criminals? Not only that, but he has proved to be a very bad judge on when and how to use his gun. A few years ago, when off duty, he fired his gun in a full bar during a scuffle, mercifully only shooting his own hand. He should have been fired right then for incompetence, if nothing else.


  12. I’m curious to know if Mark Kessler, Defender of the Constitution, has actually ever read the Constitution? It seems in this country that the most vehement supporters of the Constitution (and the Bible) have only actually read small portions of it, if any at all. Then they repeat those portions publicly over and over. That becomes their “position”. It is not surprising that a vehement, pro-gun advocate like Kessler would not know simple gun safety rules like keeping your finger on the trigger guard until you are ready to engage your target. I watched one of his videos and, if he handled his pistol the same way that night in the bar when he introduced a gun into an unarmed bar brawl, I’m not surprised he shot himself in the hand. To borrow from a Public Service Announcement decades ago, Reading (for understanding) is fundamental.


    • Oh my gosh! And just yesterday I read about a 73-year-old firearms instructor shooting a student, too! I think it was in Illinois, where they just passed a law that you have to take some kind of gun safety course if you want to get a concealed weapons license. He was the guy teaching the gun safety course.


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