Yellowstone Do-Over Part 5: Deadfall

The bottoms of concrete structures, dead trees–whatever next? Well, the bottoms of dead trees, of course. There are a lot of them in Yellowstone. Isn’t the bottom of one dead tree much like the bottom of another, you ask? Not at all; like the bottoms of bridges, each deadfall has its own personality.

The explorer, with his mind’s eye on uncharted lands beyond the horizon. Either that or he’s that guy on the beach, wearing a thong and thinking it looks good–I can’t decide:


The practical joker, who always gets weak-kneed with laughter at his own pranks:


The annoying travel guide, always pointing out the obvious:


The self-deprecator, whose obsequiousness gives everyone the creeps:


The introvert who creates elaborate worlds inside his head:


The slacker–never really makes an effort and boy, does it show:


The warrior–he’ll keep on fighting ’til the end:


The nervous wreck–in desperate need of a vacation:


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