Barton Springs Road Bridge

It’s high time for the bottom of another bridge. This time the small bridge across Barton Springs Road.


I’ve been keeping this one and I find it hard to give it up. I don’t know when I’ll come across anything I like as much. Because it’s short and low above the water, and even lower above the path, it’s almost cozy, intimate even,  in a concrete bridge-bottom kind of way.









6 responses to “Barton Springs Road Bridge

  1. It’s surprisingly elegant and decorative for concrete.


  2. Marie-Jacqueline

    Beautiful pictures! Chapeau Barbara!
    Is this really a concrete bridge?
    I thought it was a wooden one!

    The arches, the colours, the composition, beautiful!
    You should really keep those pictures.

    I have computer software to make jigsaw puzzles of pictures, images etc.
    These are really excellent pictures for this.


    • Thanks! No, it’s concrete, but it has a weathered look, doesn’t it? I’m not getting rid of the photos, I just hesitated publishing them, because I don’t know when I’m going to top these.


  3. Love the under-arches. Especially #4.


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