Too Big to Break Up?

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We have lived in our home for six years now, and I had decorated the entire house, except for the master bathroom.

Yes, in American houses, the parents’ bedroom is referred to as the master bedroom and the bathroom, which is usually accessed from within the master bedroom, is referred to as the master bathroom.

This requires things in the main bedroom or bathroom to be grand, because otherwise a bedroom or a bathroom doesn’t deserve to be called a “master”. At least, that’s the explanation I have for the humongous standard mirrors in the master bathrooms.

When it came to decorating, the enormous mirror in the master bathroom stumped me.

The room was too white and I wanted to paint the walls, but I thought I’d take down the humongous mirror at some point and replace it with two smaller ones above our sinks.

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And if I changed to two mirrors, we would also have to change the lighting. And if I painted before changing the mirror, then I’d have a big white area once I took it down. So I hadn’t painted the walls yet.

But changing the lighting would make it too involved, so I googled for solutions for the big standard mirror. The only thing I found was framing it. Then I would have an enormous framed mirror.

So I did nothing.

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(Image from

Until I realized that I don’t have to take down the mirror to break up its ridiculous size. I bought two inexpensive frames and stuck them onto the mirror with those two-sided sticky thingies. And as a final touch I added a small round mirror to the middle.

Now I like our mirror, and I don’t feel that the room’s too white, so I don’t have to paint. I don’t have to replace the mirror, which would lead to replacing the lighting. It took five minutes and it cost about $20.

Here’s the result.


5 responses to “Too Big to Break Up?

  1. Good solutions, and it sure is HUMONGOUS!


  2. Fantastic idea! I remember bathrooms like that … I think the length of your sink area is actually longer than my entire bathroom now. *sigh* 😉


  3. That’s a clever approach!


  4. Very cool solution, Barbara. Thanks for sharing the AFTER glow. 😀


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