Beyond the Mopac Bridge

lamar bridge

(Image from

Time for another bridge post. And no, this one isn’t about the Mopac bridge. For the first time ever, I present to you the bottom of a different bridge. The Lamar Boulevard Bridge, the one east of the Mopac Bridge across Town Lake in Austin, Texas, the United States of America. I know you’ve all been wondering what it looks like.

It’s actually two bridges, one for motor vehicles, and east of that one a pedestrian bridge. I found the image above on the web, because I don’t own a helicopter. Much as I’d like to, but that’s for another post. It’s an old photo, because those trees are much bigger now.

But enough about the trees and the tops of the bridges. Let’s get down to the interesting parts.

I regularly park my car under the Mopac bridge after dropping the kids off at school, walk across to the south side, head east, cross back south again on the Lamar bridge and head back to my car.

So the first part I come to is the car bridge, on the south side.












This is the car bridge as seen from the pedestrian bridge, which I’ll do in a different post.

So that’s all folks. All that remains is for me to give special thanks to the swan.

2 responses to “Beyond the Mopac Bridge

  1. Lovely shots . . . I’m glad you included the aerial shot. Terrific perspective.


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