My Favorite American Store

A week or so ago, one of my favorite bloggers posted about the clothes in her wardrobe. She has since taken the post down, so I can’t link to it. But it reminded me of one of my favorite things here in America.

About once year I need some serious clothes shopping. Usually because I have gotten even fatter have given myself a size promotion.

Fortunately I have a favorite chain store for such occasions. Its fast and efficient, I often surprise myself there by getting something I usually wouldn’t go for, and it’s very reasonable. And green. This store is one of my favorite things about living here.

Below are a few items I bought there this past week to expand my wardrobe (pun totally intended).

Several things make this store so nice and simple. The clothes are arranged by type–sleeveless tops, long-sleeved tops, etc.–and by color. And the pricing is easy: long-sleeved tops are $4.99, sleeveless tops are $2.99, and pants are $8.99.

One of these stores in Austin is an exception to the pricing rule. They price extra nice things a bit higher. The item below cost $35. The original store’s price tag was still attached: $128.


The shimmery shirt below also still had the original store’s price tag: $54, but I got it at one of the regular places, so it was still only $4.99.

shimmery T-shirt

All in all these items–three sweaters, a light jacket,  two blouses, a fancy shirt, an extra fancy velvet top for operas and such, a two-piece set of a black tanktop and long cardigan in a beautiful black fabric, two other tanktops and a pair of jeans–set me back about $90, not including tax.

Those of you who have been to this store know by now what I’m talking about.


The photos don’t do the clothes justice, because there’s a yellowish band along the bottom half of the photos, but I don’t feel like getting the clothing out again to retake the pictures. You’ll just have to trust me when I say that the only piece that doesn’t look brand spanking new is the green sweater. It looks like it’s my favorite sweater. And when I’ve gone over it with a wool shaver, it will look brand new, too.

I love Goodwill!

12 responses to “My Favorite American Store

  1. I love Goodwill too!


  2. Me too! Half my wardrobe came from Goodwill. You got some really nice tops. My favorite is the next to last.


  3. No such thing here 😦


  4. But, I love what you’ve picked! 😀


  5. What a haul, Barbara! Goodwill is a great place to shop . . . the price is right and the money provides a helping hand to people who need it.


  6. The one near me has half off sales every weekend, a color tag half off for a week and on Thursday the color tag of the week is just $1. Guess when I like to shop?

    I get my kids and myself most of our clothes there.


  7. Our Adventure in Croatia

    I think I also qualify for a size promotion. I must have 5 different sizes clothes in my wardrobe…. ;(


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