Point in Case

(Image from media1.policymic.com)

(Image from media1.policymic.com)

Yesterday I wrote about Dickens’ experience in America in 1842. One of the things that shocked him was the pride Americans had about carrying weapons.

A few days ago, another Englishman attempted to confront an American who just loves his firearms. . .

Okay, forget the awkward seque. Honestly, I just want to show this video. If anything should convince people that not just anyone should be able to carry guns, it’s this interview that Piers Morgan tried to have with this ranting, rabid… person. And if there’s ever a list of mentally ill who shouldn’t have guns, this guy should be on it. I just hope to God the FBI is watching this guy like a hawk.

5 responses to “Point in Case

  1. He completely shot himself in the foot. The fake accent at the end? Unbelievable. These guys are getting desperate.


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