Thanksgiving 2: Living in Austin

I really, really, really appreciate living in Austin. Even though we live on the edge of the Hill Country, we have an Austin address. We literally have the best of both worlds. I drive all the way into town every day, so I go from seeing deer graze behind our house

What? My barking doesn’t impress you? Well, then I’ll . . . hmm . . . okay then.

to admiring the Austin skyline in the morning light.

I’ve posted plenty about the Texas Hill Country,

and oh, did I mention my love of the bottoms of bridges?

Yes, you are correct! This isn’t the Mopac Bridge. This is just a little teaser for a post on a different bridge. I hope you’re excited, because I sure am!

But what I also love about Austin is its odd mixture of old and new, beautiful and butt ugly, clutter and empty lots. It’s never boring.I took the picture below from my car window the other day. It shows exactly what I mean.

Keep Austin weird!

Well, maybe you have to have been here. But it’s one of the things I appreciate.

8 responses to “Thanksgiving 2: Living in Austin

  1. Sure makes me miss Austin.


  2. Great pictures. I posted a pointer to this on my Facebook page so that friends and family from out of state can get a better impression of what it’s like here. – Mike Ig


  3. I like the mix of old and new, country and city. The sky line picture is beautiful.


  4. I share your love of our city! I love how at any moment when I look at the skyline, the view over the hills, even the elaborate highways, there is always something great. The sky is always huge, the clouds are always gorgeous and seem so happy to be clouds, and the food is generally divine. I love it! 🙂


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