Hamilton Pool: An Autumn Walk

Another beautiful spot only 30 minutes from our house is Hamilton Pool. It’s a small park, with a path going along a small stream to the Pedernales River in one direction, and in the other direction it goes to the actual pool.

The path is never boring.


The weather was beautiful and the autumn-golden cypress leaves contrasted nicely with the clear blue sky.

The rock here is filled with fossil imprints.

I even got my first ever close-up shot of a butterfly.

The Pedernales River isn’t breath-taking here, but still nice.

So now for the actual Hamilton Pool.

It’s such an amazing crescent-shaped overhang. The trail goes all around, behind the rocks down at the water. Let’s follow it.

Until halfway around, I was there alone. I was able to take it all in by myself, with only the sounds of nature around me, sitting down and just looking around whenever I wanted. By the time I was at this point, there were other people, but I was still able to take this picture without them in it, when they were just behind the rocks.

That’s all, folks.

12 responses to “Hamilton Pool: An Autumn Walk

  1. Very nice – what a gorgeous fall day.


  2. Austin is such an amazing city. I wish I had known about this place when I was there visiting. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. 🙂


  3. Lovely shots, Barbara. Fascinating formations.


  4. This is really cool! I think me and my boyfriend are going to go to Hamilton around thanksgiving; we haven’t gone yet. I hope it’s not too crowded then!


  5. It’s been 20 years or more since a friend took me to see Hamilton Pool. She grew up in the area and said she used to go swimming there (long before it was a nature preserve). I had just moved to Texas and it became one of the many reasons I loved the hill country. Thanks for the photo tour. Brought back some good memories.


    • There you are! I was about to comment on something of yours to see if you were just very quiet because you’re busy, or if you’re okay. I sent you the photo of the forks t-shirt again. Did you get it?


      • We’ve been experiencing some family drama and I had to rearrange my priorities for a while. I think things are looking up a bit now, though. I still did not get the photo. I wonder why. I checked the settings on the silly FB page and it should allow posts and messages from others. I Googled the shirt though. Definitely want one.


  6. Oh and congratulations! I love your butterfly.


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