Pedernales Falls Milked for All They’re Worth 5

It doesn’t look like the water is very forceful, but people kept drowning around here. The water has formed big holes in the rock under water, and there are treacherous currents. So since the end of the seventies, swimming is no longer allowed.

The holes start shallow, of course, and I like taking pictures of them.

More tomorrow.

4 responses to “Pedernales Falls Milked for All They’re Worth 5

  1. What a cool place. I can understand about the drowning, though. As a child (also at the end of the ’70s) in California I almost drowned after being sucked under a log and trapped in a swirling undercurrent. The river had looked so lazy and deceptively calm, so we had no idea.

    I love your photos. I can almost feel the textures.


    • Barbara Backer-Gray

      That must’ve been scary. We were canoeing with friends two years ago on a shallow river, but at one point the current went fast around an obstacle, and we all got caught in a log jam. The first canoe flipped over and our friend was holding onto her 7-year-old, but she knocked her head and let go briefly and he went under a log in the same way. There was a short panic until she found him and pulled him back out, We were all shaken up about it for weeks.


  2. A fascinating area! Thanks for your posts.
    Another wonderful TX State Park is Brazos Bend We visited in January 2011. It’s another world for us Minnesotans. Here is where our birds went for the season. . And alligators! Not behind any fences either.


    • Barbara Backer-Gray

      There are several gorgeous state parks in Texas. Thos birds you saw in Brazos State Park then continue on their journey and all go through the Rio Grande Valley to Mexico. The valley works like a funnel for the birds, so a lot of winter Texans there are also avid birders.And around Brownsville there are alligators, too, without fences.


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