Pedernales Falls Milked for All They’re Worth 4

When you get down the rocky kind-of-stairs, you come to a sandy beach. This part was a setting in the movie Sharkboy and Lavagirl by Robert Rodriguez. And that’s the only interesting titbit of information you’re going to get. Time to explore.

There’s a spring that’s always gushing what looks like wonderful, pure water.

And from the beach, you start exploring the rocks. I love the serenity around this spot at the low end of the falls.

Jumping from rock to rock never gets old. The completely recovered B gives a demonstration.

Plenty of nooks and crannies to discover.

So how can someone be so bored that he/she feels the need to deface the rock to play some kind of hangman? Really!? It was charcoal, so it’ll wash off, but I had never before seen anything like this on the rock. What kind of arrogant, nature-dismissive person would do something like that?

Yeah, well I don’t love you, buster/missy!

Okay, back to the serenity.

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