Just a Little Something on the Side

Don’t worry, I will continue what probably seems like my endless series of photos of Pedernales Falls later (I aim to bore, but you love me anyway, right?), but I just had to give you this link to a another blogger’s post about a famous Dutch person. Dutchies, don’t get proud just yet…

See you later on the rocks.

3 responses to “Just a Little Something on the Side

  1. *runs through ~~~~ off to the other site to read what’s there*


  2. AH right, I see, but isn’t Joran just a very sad little spotty psychopath?
    I would not call him a serial killer that’s way too much ‘honor’. And that he was able to impregnate a woman while in jail…. There should be rules against that being possible at all!
    (Jeffrey Deaver fan)


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