Pedernales Falls Milked for All They’re Worth 1

I’m going to be very busy with translations this coming week, and I took about 100 photos yesterday when B and I went to Pedernales Falls, so I’m going to spread them out.

Pedernales Falls State Park is one of the more spectacular places in the Hill Country, and it’s only about 40 minutes from our house, west of Dripping Springs. It’s brutally hot in summer, but yesterday it was a high of 69 degrees, and finally cool enough for menopausal me.

The reason it’s even hotter than other places in the summer is that Pedernales Falls is a huge rocky area, and walking on the rock in summer is like walking in an oven. But I will keep you in suspense about the rocks.

It’s fall in the Hill Country and still the flowers abound. One of these days I’ll look up the names of all these flowers. I started doing it for this post, but it was taking forever.

2 responses to “Pedernales Falls Milked for All They’re Worth 1

  1. Great shots of a beautiful area !
    Love the Falls !


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