The Rockies: Jackson Hole and on to Yellowstone

So the last three posts were all about one day, and it still wasn’t over. We got to Jackson Hole in the evening. You can tell by the gas station that it’s a prosperous town.

I remembered the elk antler park entrances from last time. I have no comment.

It’s an odd little town center, with somewhat the same setup as Taos, New Mexico: a park surrounded by expensive tourist shops, but with a gun-toting cowboy theme instead of the neo-hippies.

We had  dinner in a sandwich shop. B just had a vitamin water, but I told him he should have some cheerios later on. He’d had only liquids and jello and applesauce all day. The place had wifi, and that’s where I sent off my last post before the big silence.

And then we drove on to Yellowstone National Park.

I took these pictures near the entrance to the park, as the sun was setting. By the time we got to the campground in the middle of the park, it was pitch dark.

I made B eat some cheerios, even though he didn’t feel like it, and we went to bed wondering what our surroundings would look like the next morning.

3 responses to “The Rockies: Jackson Hole and on to Yellowstone

  1. Beautiful shots at the park entrance! I’m looking forward seeing to seeing more of Yellowstone. I’ve never been but have long wanted to visit. A note on the elk antlers, if it helps: Deer and elk shed their antlers every year and people collect the “sheds.” If they’re left on the ground, they disappear pretty quickly as squirrels and rats and such will eat them (good calcium source). When I used to hike in Texas, I was always dragging home stuff I found (along the rivers mostly) like turtle shells and bones and flint points (along with the fossils of course). If I had lived in Wyoming, I would have been the first out searching for sheds.(Can you imagine what that must be like for the male elk, carrying all that around on your head? I bet it’s a relief when they drop off.) Can’t wait to see more!


    • Well, that’s good to know. They also do a lot of elk hunting up there, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt where the park entrances are concerned. Awesome elk pics coming soon!


      • Yes, sadly it seems, where ever you find an amazing animal, you’ll also find some yahoo with a gun who wants to shoot it. Cant’ wait to see the elk photos! One day I’m going to see one in person (so to speak. Hee.)


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