What Happened? All Will Be Revealed

Hi folks. Just a short note to let you know I have not forgotten my blog. Nor have I vanished from the face of the earth. I have a legitimate reason for suspending my Rocky Mountain trip updates for a few more days. So don’t unfollow me just yet. More will come, I promise.

4 responses to “What Happened? All Will Be Revealed

  1. Promises, promises…

    Just kidding, hope all is well with you and the family! 🙂


  2. Marie-Jacqueline

    You really know how to keep your public curious!

    Enjoyed the beautiful pictures.

    I hope it is an enjoyable reason to suspend your Rocky Mountains Trip blogging!

    I haven’t forgotten that I promised you some stories about WWII.
    However due to illness in the family I haven’t had the time and the peace and quite to get started.
    I won’t forget it, I promise!
    I couldn’t let you know another way than on your blog.

    Groetjes vanuit een zomers Nederland!


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