The Rockies — Who Gives a Heck What Day

After Rocky Mountain National Park, we drove to State Forest State Park, where we were practically guaranteed to see moose. That would be nice, especially a bull moose from a little closer up. But no such luck. Not a moose to be seen.

Moose are a lot like me. Apart from the obvious similarity, they are also not native to the area; they were introduced to Colorado. They can’t stand the heat, so on hot days they don’t come out. On warm days they’ll come out, as long as they can stand with their feet in a creek. This was a hot day.

But first the drive to the park. We followed the Big Thompson River and the Cache la Poudre rivers, both beautiful.

Big Thompson River

Cache la Poudre River

The state park was not as spectacular as RMNP. Lower hills along a meandering stream with lots of willows along it. Perfect moose country, but, as I mentioned earlier, we saw none. We did see beaver dams, however.

The next day we were off to Utah.

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