Progress Cafe

We live on the very western edge of Austin, and our kids have after-school and summer-camp activities all over, including east Austin. So if they are there for a few hours, whichever one of us (T or I) takes them, often tries to hang out in the area and work until it’s pick-up time.

One of our favorite hangouts is the Progress Cafe, on 5th street, just east of highway 290. They have reliable wireless internet, a bathroom with a real door, fair trade coffee, pastries and really good bagels and lox.

One day I was procrastinating there, so I downloaded Instagram, and started experimenting. You can find the pictures I took of graffiti on the empty lot next door here. And then I began taking pictures inside. None of them are all that interesting by themselves, but I like them as a little series. Enjoy. And go check them out if you live in Austin.

2 responses to “Progress Cafe

  1. I like the photos! It reminds me of the West End Bakery in Asheville which was one of my favorite places to take the kids for a pastry and coffee for me. It was in a hundred year old building with high ceilings and wooden floors like in your photos. And all the Bohemian, hippy types hung out there. Haven’t found a place I like as much here yet. Asheville was like a smaller Austin in the mountains. Durham is a completely different kind of city.


    • Oh, I seem to remember someone saying that about Asheville before. I think Tom Pittman, one of the Lounge Lizard guys, moved to Asheville last year.But keep looking in Durham. There’s bound to be something like that somewhere.


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