Hey, It Wasn’t Me

For those of you who think I’m just a disgruntled anti-americanDutch immigrant who makes stuff up, click here for a great post by a fellow countryman.

2 responses to “Hey, It Wasn’t Me

  1. Excellent article ( and so well written that I would have enjoyed it just for that). I have never been out of the US (maybe one day!), but I have a brother who has traveled extensively (to every continent except Antarctica and he definitely does not take the tourist approach), and I’ve heard most of this from him. I especially enjoyed the author’s comments on happiness, health car, paranoia, and ignorance (though I think he may have overplayed number 6). I wish we could make this required reading for all Americans but judging by many of the comments he received, most of us would miss the point. Thanks for posting this.


    • You bet. But on the bright side, I just heard on NPR the other day that this generation of somewhat recent American college graduates is traveling and living abroad more than ever before, and that this might change American attitudes, at least as far as what constitutes the American Dream is concerned.So there’s hope.


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