Blanco Lavender Fest 2012

On this, the first day of summer vacation, we went to Blanco, a little town along the Blanco River, where they hold the Blanco Lavender Fest every year. As usual, it was hot, but nice. A real taste of Hill Country. You can click on a photo to make it bigger.

2 responses to “Blanco Lavender Fest 2012

  1. The only time I went to (near?) Blanco was to see some dinosaur tracks in the bed of the Blanco River. They’re sauropod tracks so the back feet left footprints the size of washtubs in the limestone. The river was low enough to see them the day I went, but it was raining and the tracks filled up (and I got drenched) pretty quickly. It was worth it. I never knew about the lavendar festival. Looks like fun.


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