The Road Goes on Forever and the Flowers Never End

Because of the rain we’ve been having, we had a beautiful spring with lots of wildflowers. Right now the second round is just as amazing, if not more so. Let me take you on a little 20-minute drive starting from our subdivision and heading south and back. I took these photos yesterday, and with all the stopping and walking back and forth it took me two hours. It was hot, windy, and I sprained my ankle in a ditch, but the pictures are worth it, I think.

You can click on them to see them bigger.

I love the thistles at this stage.

Matching sign and flowers!

Wineries are popping up all over the Hill Country.

I’m always telling T that even the yellow lines on the road look better around Austin. He thinks that’s going too far. But with the matching flowers, I love them!

So great to see water in the creeks again.

On the road along our subdivision.

This old cactus is at the entrance of our subdivision. I got down to take a picture of its flowers . . .

. . . and I got a six-inch bonus!

That’s All, Folks!

8 responses to “The Road Goes on Forever and the Flowers Never End

  1. Great photos! I was going to tell you which are my favorites but I love them all. They made me really miss Texas and bluebells and prickly pear cactus and cedar and oak and limestone. And that was a very cool walking stick! (I didn’t know about the wineries. That’s interesting.)


  2. How lovely! Especially loved the creek photo 🙂


  3. Lovely photo’s Barbara! We have walking sticks in the tea trees right next to our house, so they often end up on our deck. Have to watch our cat because she will harass them!


    • They still amaze me. I remember the very first time I saw one, was when we had just emigrated to Australia. I was almost five and I saw one on a fence. It was well-camouflaged as far as color goes. But of all the things, this one had to sit an a bright green cactus leaf.


  4. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them 🙂


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