Colin Powell Republicans


Phew! Okay, now for something completely different.

Are you reasonable, intelligent, informed? Do you want your children to learn science and to marry whom they love? But you insist on staying with the republican party? Despite that the Tea Party republicans seem to be taking over and you don’t identify with them?

Are you sure?

(Okay, democrats, you can’t say I didn’t try first.)

My neighbor has started a Facebook page called Colin Powell Republicans, and he hopes it will become a movement. Maybe you should check it out and like it.

9 responses to “Colin Powell Republicans

  1. If you are so confused, stupid, or ignorant to endorse and vote for Barack Obama, you might “like” “Colin Powell Republicans”.


  2. It is Barack Obama’s explicit goal (Read “Dreams FROM my Father) to implode the United States, rendering it an equal with, say, Kenya, and to institute global communism. Colin Powell is enamored of him, has endorsed him, and voted for him.

    Given the above, I hope and pray that Obama fails and that Powell wanders off into the weeds.

    The country, Ms. Backer-Gray, is speeding ever faster toward a cliff, so I’m aghast that actually-literate people could want to join and “like” a coreless person like Powell.


  3. Yes. In the book Jr. describes what Sr. wanted, fought for, argued for, rallied for, was passionate about. His father was an anti-colonialist (as are many in southern Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America) and was an avowed communist. There is a reason that I highlighted the word “from”. The title includes “from”, not of.

    A film will be in theaters this summer detailing my contention.


    • No, I mean where does Barack Obama say that it is his explicit goal? Not his father’s but his? Here are some dictionary definitions of the word ‘explicit’: “Stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.” and “fully revealed or expressed without vagueness, implication, or ambiguity : leaving no question as to meaning or intent.”
      So if it is Barack Obama’s explicit goal to implode the country, make it like Kenya, and institute global communism, he would be mentioning that all the time. I have never heard him say anything of the sort. Please let me know in which speech he has said that? And on which pages of the book does he say that? If it’s explicit, you can simply point it out, right? Or are you just parroting right-wing radio talk hosts who know they can say whatever they want, because their audience won’t check the facts?


    • Also, I’m surprised that an American (as I’m assuming you are; please correct me if I’m wrong) would see being anti-colonialism as something negative. Would you have preferred it if America had stayed a British colony?


  4. I, Ms. Backer-Gray, will just stand by my previous explanation. To do anything else would be but a pi#$ing contest. The film produced by Dinesh D’Souza will be out shortly.


    • Does that mean that you can’t point out where Obama has ever said anything about wanting the country to implode, for it to become like Kenya and to institute global communism? You making a statement and me asking you to back it up with facts is not a pissing contest–it’s having a conversation based on facts. If the above are Obama’s explicit goals, you wouldn’t need a movie to tell you about it.


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