Under the Mopac Bridge

I am absolutely crazy about Austin. One of my favorite things, which I don’t do nearly enough, is walking a big oval around Town Lake, the wide part of the Colorado River that runs along downtown.

I take the kids to school, going north on Mopac and then into town. After dropping them off, I go back to Mopac, and park under the south-bound lanes.

The pedestrian bridge is right under the highway bridge. I usually take it across to the south side of Lake Austin, and take a bridge further east back across, and then walk back to the car along the north side.

You can click on the photos to see them bigger.

So my walk starts with crossing under the Mopac bridge.

And right away I’m loving it. Okay, it’s just ugly concrete, but it’s AUSTIN ugly concrete.

I’m fascinated by the juxtaposition of the straight lines and man-made materials with the river and the trees . . .

. . .  and how the lines of the bridge frame the landscape.

I chose to take these pics on a gray day, for the monochromatic effect. I really need a good zoom lense, so I could get that pigeon sharp, but they’re so expensive!

My favorite view on the bridge: looking east toward the Austin downtown skyline.

The wilderness of the south side begins even before you get off the bridge.

We’re not getting off the bridge, though. We’re turning around for more bridge enjoyment.

Lake Austin looking west. What a drab photo, you think. Couldn’t she have taken that picture with a blue sky? NO! After two years of drought, this is a beautiful sight. (The two dots on the river are skiffs.)

That’s all, folks! We’re back where we began.

7 responses to “Under the Mopac Bridge

  1. I loved the trail at Zilker. A friend and I would go jog or walk the trail together on weekends sometimes. The last 5 years I lived in Texas, I was in Round Rock so it was quite a drive for a walk, but worth it, especially if went went early on Sunday morning before it got too crowded. And then we’d go have brunch at one of the restaurants on Barton Springs.


  2. I am writing a conference paper on making massive infrastructure useful for more than just vehicular traffic. I am inspired by the addition of the pedestrian walkway to the MoPac bridge as an option for other elevation highways, etc. I was there once and never forgot it! May I use your images in the paper? You can see my Tumblr on The Buffalo Skyway for more information about my project.


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