And the Award Goes To . . .

Fork in My Eye is a wonderful, varied blog. Great photos, smart, funny, inspiring writing. Check it out. The blogger was given the ABC Award. In return she had to give it to five other bloggers, and she included me. Thank you! This is fun, because now I get to give to five more bloggers. But first I have to tell something about myself for every letter of the alphabet.

Let’s see: awkward, big, chubby. . .

No, not going there. So I’ll just mention things I enjoy:

AWARDS! blogging, Cadbury’s chocolate, my amazing daughter, Earl Grey tea, my friends, Great Britain, my wonderful husband, ice cream, John Stewart, KUT (no, my dirty-minded Dutch friends, it’s the Austin public radio station, pronounced K.U.T.), Lambrusco, Monty Python, the Netherlands, old trees, photography, (s)quirrels, Robin Hood, my incredible son, translating, UB40, vacations, writing, xenophobia fighters, yoga, and zzzz’s (I never seem to get enough).

And the award goes to the following five:

A Flamingo in Utrecht An American blogger in Utrecht, the city in the Netherlands where I was born and which I visited often. Gorgeous pictures and information about all things Utrecht. I’m always reminded of places I had completely forgotten about. Wonderful!

Stuff Dutch People Like Very funny blog about, surprisingly, stuff Dutch people like. It gets a lot of comments, which are also often quite amusing.

rudolf vlček photography Awesome photo blog by a photographer in the Czech Republic.

Sat Nav and Cider Photo blog by an American in Great Britain. Beautiful pictures of British landscapes. Anglophile that I am, for me visiting this blog is also a trip down memory lane.

From Nonsense to Momsense A blog about being a mother. Funny, smart!

9 responses to “And the Award Goes To . . .

  1. Thank you! I’m also a fan of Lambrusco and Monty Python. πŸ™‚


    • Cool! What’s your favorite Monty Python movie? And sketch?


      • My favourite film has to be the Holy Grail, but they’re all fantastic. As for the sketches, as soon as I think of one, I think of another, and I love them all! I have so many memories associated with them, such as the lupin thieves, and “the larch”, and the dead parrot, which I’ve decided I want to be the foundation for my obituary when I shuffle off this mortal coil. πŸ˜‰ (The idea came to me when I was working as an obituary writer and got a kick out of all the different euphemisms.)


      • Oh, that’s hilarious! Good idea to have it as part of an obituary. My favorite movie–and my favorite movie of all time as well–is Life of Brian, but Yhe Holy Grail is pretty good, too. My kids are going to do the play as a summer camp this year, and they’re already hoping they get to be the French soldiers, so they can say thinkgs like, “I pop my pimples at you!”. I’m in stitches with most of the sketches, but one of my favorites has to be Hermits.


      • Oh, that reminds me of the flying French sheep sketch. I used that sketch as the basis for a French writing assignment at university. The professor said we could write about whatever we wanted, so I wrote about les moutons!

        How fun that your kids get to do the play for summer camp!


  2. I also like John Stewart! And Monty Python and UB40 and photography and very old trees and (s)quirrels (I like how you just slipped that one in). And I’m trying to like yoga. I have a friend that’s been encouraging me to try it for years and I finally got a Rodney Yee dvd and started trying simple stuff. And quickly discovered I am not very bendy at all. And things creak and pop and sometimes hurt a bit when I try to make them bend. My friend says it takes time so I’ll keep at it. And I’ll check out your recommendations.


    • Oh, boy, it shouldn’t hurt, pop or creak when you do yoga! It’s all about feeling good. So don’t make a move further than feels good. Especially for a beginner it’s best to take beginners’ classes instead of doing a DVD, but if you can’t, try and invest in at least one individual session with a really good yoga instructor.
      I checked out your other recommendations and I’m now following one of them.


  3. Congratulations, Barbara! It’s also nice to know that we like many of the same things. I must say I was quite surprised and unbelievably flattered to learn that you nominated me for the ABC Award. (I’ve been incredibly busy the last two days and away from the Internet most of yesterday.) After all, I stopped by your blog to get some “information” to include in my blog post where I’m nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award (but don’t tell anyone yet, because it won’t be official until this afternoon) and saw the heading for this post. I clicked in to read and congratulate and…so, Thank You!!! Wow. Much appreciated. πŸ™‚


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