Ten Unusual Things I’ve Done

Here’s another Neither Here Nor There post.

I just felt like doing another list.

1. Being Dutch and marrying a South Texan whom I met in Scotland.

2. Jumping out of a flying plane strapped butt to groin to a perfect stranger.

3. Having lived on three continents.

4. Laughing really loud when the superintendent of a South Texas school where I worked said something completely ridiculous in a meeting. (I thought he was joking.)

5. Walking around the inner parts of Tunis by myself, in shorts and a tank top, in search of a certain cat I had seen the day before.

6. Seeing Bette Midler Live. (Oh yeah!!!)

7. Winning my first ever poker games which I played against hard-poker-playing Belgian marines.

8. Playing hookey from school for three weeks in a row in second grade. (My parents never had a clue.)

9. Moving 17 times, and no, I’m not an army brat.

10. Walking (yes, walking!) along 10th Street in McAllen, Texas.

What are some of your most unusual actions? Write me a comment.

3 responses to “Ten Unusual Things I’ve Done

  1. Moved to New Zealand at an age when some people already have grand children? 😉


  2. Moved 1100 miles (away from my good South Texas friends!) just one month before giving birth to my only child.


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