Five American Foods I Wouldn’t Want to Be Without

 I miss lots of Dutch foods, but here are the top five American foods that make up for them.

Pumpkin seeds

Hmmm! And the good thing is that I’m the only one in our family who’s interested in them, so they’re all for me! Better than peanuts, even better than cashews! Better than pistachios? That’s a close call. But definitely cheaper.

French Silk ice cream

Vanilla and chocolate ice cream swirled together with bits of chocolate mixed in. There are thousands of ice cream flavors here, but this one has been my favorite since I discovered it seventeen years ago.


Okay, it’s Vietnamese, but I discovered it here. Wonderful comfort food. Huge bowls of broth with meat of choice and lots of vermicelli, bean sprouts and Asian cilantro, which tastes even better than regular cilantro.

 Collard greens and mustard greens

My substitutes for boerenkool and endive in stamppotten, but also great just as greens in any dish or as a side dish sautéed in olive oil and a bit of garlic.

 Bagels and lox

A toasted bagel, cut open of course, so you have it all twice.  Spread on cream cheese, sprinkle capers on the cheese, and then put on the slices of smoked salmon. I could have this every day!

2 responses to “Five American Foods I Wouldn’t Want to Be Without

  1. If I can add one, personally my only weakness when it comes to junk food, and very popular in Texas: breakfast-tacos. Bean-and-cheese, sausage-and-egg and carne guisada are my favorites. Greatest selection in San Antonio at Eddie’s on Thousand Oaks.


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