Airport Guitar 1

A blog that I visit a lot is A Flamingo in Utrecht, which has wonderful photos of Utrecht, the Netherlands: streetscapes, vistas, and photos of everyday life. It inspired me to post regular photos of Austin. It doesn’t have much to do with being a Dutch immigrant here, but oh well. I love Austin and all its quirkiness, so let’s just say it’s a counterweight to all my griping.

The first thing you’ve got to know about Austin is how important live music is here. So the first thing you see when you come off a plane at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is a series of guitar art. This one is ab0ut Janis Joplin, who got her start in Austin when she was attending the University of Texas. If I’m not mistaken her first real gig was at Threadgill’s, which is still going strong.

4 responses to “Airport Guitar 1

  1. I have quite a few friends who have attended SXSW over the years. Even I, who have never been to Austin, think of music when I think of the city.


    • I have to confess that I haven’t been to SXSW yet. Never any money around that time, it seems. We did go to the Austin City Limits Music Festival a couple of times, including two years ago when Zilker Park was pure mud. Some college kids were wearing swimwear and had covered themselves completely in mud. They looked like walking statues. Very cool!


      • Of course! Austin City Limits! I knew I was forgetting something big. I grew up with that being on PBS, even back in the early ’70s. I wish I’d seen the Tom Waits episode. I need to look it up on YouTube.
        Ah, the Mud People. I’ve seen them on film, but never in person. The one festival I went to was very very dry and hot — and I was hungover. I don’t remember much of that Lolapalooza. 🙂


      • I saw the Tom Waits episode with my husband long before we knew we’d be living here. It was awesome. But those performances are completely different from the festival. Both are great, though.


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