Hello? Anyone?

One of the Mindbump prompts was: What makes your blog different from any others?

Well, I regularly google to see if I can find any other individual Dutch bloggers in America writing about being Dutch here,  and I have yet to find a single one. I just can’t believe it! There are tons of Americans in Holland blogging about their expat experiences, and I know there have to be way more Dutch people in America than Americans in Holland, so where are you guys?

<div style=”margin:6px; border:1px #c3c3c3 solid; font-size:0.9em; padding:6px”><a href=”http://mindbump.com&#8221; title=”blog writing prompts”><img src=”http://mindbump.com/mb.png&#8221; style=”vertical-align:middle;border:0″ alt=”mindbump”/></a> suggested by <a href=”http://bandpox.com”>Bandpox</a><br/><br/><b>”What makes your blog different from all of the others?”</b></div>

I would love to know what you think, even about old posts.

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