My Own Restaurant

Today’s Plinky prompt: if you had your own restaurant, what would you name it? I have actually thought a lot about my own restaurant. So here’s a free entrepreneurial idea for any Dutch people in America or thinking about emigrating to America (although I would stay where you are if you’re still in Holland).

The first time I was in Ruidoso, New Mexico, I immediately felt that it would be the perfect place for a real Dutch pancake house. Going all the way, with ‘ruitjes-gordijnen’ and sand on the floor and the guy flipping the pancakes in plain view so everyone can see how the fire flares up so spectacularly.

You’d also have to have every imaginable American pancake and waffle variety, and crepes because familiarity helps. But I bet the traditional Dutch apple and cheese pancake would be a huge hit.

The interior would be somewhat ‘bruine kroeg’, and you would have prints of Dutch paintings on the walls–Jan Steen scenes come to mind–and sell tons of Dutch stuff at the entrance as well, such as dropjes, stroopwafels (making those fresh would be awesome!) and books by Harry Mulisch (sorry, can’t help myself).

Not only Ruidoso, which is on the lower end of ski resort towns, but any place in the Rockies would do great. So why don’t I do it myself? No business sense and I can’t flip a Dutch-size pancake to save my life! And I like vacations. But if having your own restaurant in a beautiful place is your dream, then here you go. Just give me a free apple and cheese pancake when I come visit!

Oh yeah, the name? No idea. Do I really have to think of everything?

3 responses to “My Own Restaurant

  1. Let me entertain you, there’s a guy who has done just that, here in Auckland, NZ: ;o)


  2. That’s awesome! So what is your favorite pancake when you go there?


  3. To be honest, I usually have a ‘patatje oorlog’ because they satay sauce is awesome, they guy married an Indonesian lady 😉


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