Holland, What Are You Doing?

A Flamingo in Utrecht  is a great blog because Alison, an American in Utrecht, the Netherlands, takes pictures all around Utrecht and it’s wonderful that I can see the familiar places and streets. Most of the time it’s also nice to see what’s new. The Nijntje (Miffy) statue is new, for instance. But then I see this picture and I’m shocked—shocked I tell you.

Photo: A Flamingo in Utrecht

I always thought that only in America would they heat the outdoor air. But this is in Utrecht! And this isn’t even an outdoor patio. They seem to be heating the street.

Okay, maybe they put out tables later, but that’s not the point. Here I am, righteously indignant all this time about American energy wastefulness, and it turns out that the Dutch are doing the very same thing the moment I turn my back for a decade or two.

Holland, Holland, what am I going to do with you? First the national anthem and now this. No, I’m not angry, just disappointed. I expect better from you. Because my blog depends on it. Sigh . . .

3 responses to “Holland, What Are You Doing?

  1. If it helps any, the heaters were never on while I was there. The beer festival also went on until 1 a.m., with most of the space outdoors. Also, I’m not actually sure that those kinds of heaters are legal for regular bars and restaurants to have. I think it may only be for outdoor festivals like this. So don’t worry, it’s not all reckless abandon here yet. 😉


  2. I think they are for the cafe’s with tables outdoors, for laters in the evenings when the guests are sitting outside. No they not just heating the air, have seen them more and more, but usually in a more sheltered place, not just out in the open in the market place. The Dutch would not spend money heating empty air.


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