A Taste of Utrecht, Where I Was Born

Flowers in Bloem.

I love this blog. Such recognizable photos of Utrecht streetscapes. Especially these photos of the Saturday flower market make me slightly homesick. But at least I get to see it again in these photos.

Thank you, Flamingo!

4 responses to “A Taste of Utrecht, Where I Was Born

  1. Thank you! I’m glad I can give you a little taste of home. I think I bought too many flowers that day. I’m hoping to find enough pots to get the rest planted today. 🙂


  2. Hi Alison,
    There’s no such thing as too many flowers! Enjoy the potting.


  3. I just saw that you subscribed to my blog. Thanks!


  4. I’d followed the link the first time you commented — and a few times after — but it was set to private then. I was happy to see the incoming link from this piece and that the blog was open for reading. It really is fascinating to read stories from the opposite perspective! I enjoyed your posts about things you miss here and things you’d miss in the US if you left. I can understand both now.


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