Food Poisoning

This is an almost 20-minute video, but the information Robyn O’Brien gives is important to know. Coming from Holland seventeen years ago, I felt like almost everybody here is allergic to something. My husband would jokingly say, “Oh sure, the Dutch are never allergic,” thinking it was just another of my everything’s-better-in-Holland observations, but seriously, there didn’t seem half as many people allergic to stuff in Holland as there are in America. Now it turns out this might be true. So there, hubby!

In 1995,  I had a baby with anencephaly. It’s the most severe neural tube defect. The baby has no brain and the top half of the skull is missing. An anencephalic baby can’t live outside the womb. So Thomasin was made to be born at nineteen weeks, and died in the process. Afterward people from the Texas Department of Health came to our home to do a survey, asking us hundreds of questions about all sorts of products that we might have been using. The thing that kept coming back was corn. Do you regularly eat corn flakes? How often do you eat corn tortillas? etc. When I asked them if they suspected that corn was the cause, they said no, that they were just gathering information about as many things as possible. But I haven’t had a corn tortilla since.

Now it turns out American corn produces its own insecticide! And that’s just one of the many things the American food industry gets away with that isn’t allowed in other countries. So watch and be aghast.

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