Rated R

No, really. This post is rated R. So go away, kiddos.

Every language has its incredibly creative swear words, and believe it or not, the Dutch swear words listed below are serious stuff.

klootzak        testicle sac

lul de behanger        Prick the wallpaperer

Christus te paard        Christ on horseback

klerelijer        cholera sufferer

teringlijer        tuberculosis sufferer

stoephoer        sidewalk whore

achterlijke gladiool        retarded gladiola

afgelikte boterham        licked-off sandwich

armoedzaaier        spreader of poverty

bezopen kokosmakroon        Drunk macaroon

bleeksheet        pale fart

kankerhoer        cancer whore

takkenwijf        bitch with firewood

eikel        acorn

flapdrol        floppy turd

halve zool        half a shoe sole

kloothommel        testicular bumblebee

krentenkakker        raisin pooper

mierenneuker        ant fucker

lulletje rosewater        little Dick rosewater

pokkenwijf        chicken pox bitch

schijtlaars        shit boot

stuk vreten        piece of food

zak        sac

zakkenwasser        sac cleaner – testicle cleaner

Then there are diseases that people wish each other:

Krijg de kanker      Get cancer

Krijg de kolere     Get cholera

Krijg de tering      Get tuberculosis

Krijg de vliegende vinkentering   Get extra-pulmonary finch tuberculosis

Have you noticed the number of swears with diseases? Read more here.

2 responses to “Rated R

  1. That’s a seriously long list of swear words – do we have that many in English? Perhaps we do, but I just don’t know them!


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