One of my pet peeves is above-ground power lines. Electricity still gets to many houses in this country via wires that run along roads on tall wooden or metal poles. Every single time there’s a bit of wind or a cold snap, people lose power.

No mystery there. Tree branches fall on the wires or they are weighted down by ice, and they snap.

Spokespeople for the power companies go before local cameras after every storm and assure the populace that they are doing everything they can to fix the problem. Electricians work hard to get the power back up and running.

When the next storm comes, the whole thing starts all over again. When it happens up north in winter, hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of people are without power in freezing temperatures for days. Waiting for the electricians to fix the lines again.

Now picture a group of little kids – very little kids even – building a sand castle on the beach.

A wave comes and washes part of the castle away. They all work very hard to fix the damage. Another wave comes and washes part of the castle away. They all work very hard to fix the damage.

Etcetera? I don’t think so.

One of the kids will suggest rebuilding the castle further away from the waves and the other kids will realize that that’s a good idea and so that’s what they do.

But too many Americans have this knee-jerk reaction to anything the government does, so there’s no point even suggesting that the government put regulations in place that force the power companies to put the lines underground.

The fact that it would be common sense has nothing to do with it. It would be Government Intervention, which is synonymous with communism, socialism, and fascism.

And so every year we see on the news that people are without power; old people even freeze to death, people get electrocuted, and every year my husband has to put up with my ranting about the unbelievable, incredible, mind-boggling absurdity of it all.

I would love to know what you think, even about old posts.

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