Say What?!

Dutch Sayings

Are you now completely yanked off the toilet?    (Have you gone mad?)

You can go up onto the roof.   (Go to hell.)

Having had a sleep-over in the monkey    (being in trouble)

Now the monkey comes out of the sleeve   (now we see the truth)

Circling around the hot porridge   (not getting to the point)

That’s the whole egg-eating    (that’s all there is to it)

Being left with the baked pears   (being stuck with the consequences)

That gets you the cuckoo    (you can be sure of it)

That’s not going to sit in my cold clothes    (that bothers me)

Having plenty of limp laundry     (being well off)

That sits mustache    (that’s taken care of)

Now my wooden shoe breaks! (well, I’ll be darned)

That won’t lay him any windy eggs     (that’s going to pay off well)

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